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The Bhagavad Gita


The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Legends of Devon

by Unknown



He that through Devon's wilder scenes would strarr
Should seek, with pensive foot each lonely cave

Where infant Lyn hath cleft his echoing way :
Or tall Clovelly's rock-born trees, that wave

Beneath the Severn's blast: or that rude bay
Named of theshipwreck'dseaman's frequent grave:

Or where on Hartland's tempest-furrowed shore

Breaks the long swell from farthest Labrador.

Or roam, if milder scenes invite his eye,

Where shadowy Teign comes softly fleeting down:

Or where the silver Ese steals laughing by
Beneatli the sunny slopes of Killerton :

Or farther south, where many a blended dye
Bv Nature's magic hand confusedly thrown

O'er time-worn Tor, and steep depending wood,

Tints the bright course of Dart's romantic flood.

Such scenes are but profaned by trivial phrase
Of summer tourist's ready admiration :

Tet views them none with all-regardless gaze,
If, as you deem, nor deem without foundation,

Each soid to Nature's throne some tribute pays,
And none so cold in heart, or mean in station,

But feels her spell in every chanegful hour

Of light and shade, of sun and passing shower.

She speaks to all: but hath a mystic sense,
And utters forth, like Priest and Sage of yore,

Her oracles of deep intelligence

To those who in a higher mood adore :

For them each soft external influence

Calls answering feelings from the secret store

Of mind, even as the breeze which floateth by

Draws from iEolian chords their hidden symphony.

Even thus your sister minds the Genius leads
To roam at will that inner Paradise,

That Pairy realm, with flower-bespangled meads :
And bid its wondrous denizens arise,

Whom, as they wheel in air their tiny steeds

Tour glance can follow through their native skies, And call down many an Imp from realms of vapour To gilt-edged tenement of satin paper.

Nor less for you the tales of ancient story

Have filled with vision' dthrongs each hill and plain:

From yonder mound, that crests the promontory,
Still floats the raven banner of the Dane:

Tour eyes can view the Baron's castled glory,
Can conjure up the old monastic train

Amid' your meadow-bosom'd towers, that gleam

Beneath the western sun's declining beam.

Mingled with these each form of newer date,
The stately Courtier of the maiden Queen,

The Cavalier with gallant brow elate,
The steel-clad fanatic with sullen mien,

All crowd the levees of their potentate,

Who calls the aery past from realms unseen

With gentler art, yet mightier sovereignty,

Than sage Cagliostro, or prophetic Dee.

Yet pardon, if with all too rustic vein

I've dared in that bright circle to advance,

And claim protection for my homelier strain
Of venturous Parson, and his sad mischance :

Too proud, if one of your fair party deign
To cast on lighter themes a passing glance,

Too pleased to fill, in Luscombe's social bower,

The careless leisure of one vacant hour.


Cecy (dit Frere Jean), riest pas matiere de Breviaire.

A Ceetain degree of ambition is both natural and laudable in every walk of life: and there is no doubt that an individual may rationally desire a moderate increase of his honest gains, without incurring the charge of covetousness. There is, however, nothing which we regard with more aversion than an unseemly eagerness, on the part of one devoted to the clerical profession, to attend to the concerns of his temporal income rather than the spiritual interests of the flock or flocks committed to his charge. Many and lamentable modern instances might be cited of the unfortunate excesses into which clergymen have been hurried by their anxiety to occupy high places in the establishment; and much obloquy hath been thereby undeservedly brought upon the church to which they belong. The sin, however, is one of far earlier date than our present ecclesiastical system; and the awful history detailed in the following pages will attest at once its ancient prevalence, and the dreadful retribution with which it hath occasionally been visited.

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