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The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle


by George Eliot


George Eliot's Life. IV. 7

That he rejoices in them is my most distinct personal pleasure in such tributes. Letter It was very pleasant to have your greeting on

Buck-n the New Year, though I was keeping its advent in T^t'rtm melancholy guise. I am relieved now from the neuralgic part of my ailment, and am able to write something of the hearty response I feel to your good wishes.

We both hope that the coming year may continue to you all the family joys which must make the core of your happiness, without underrating golf and good contributors to "Maga." Health has to be presupposed as the vehicle of all other good, and in this respect you may be possibly better off in '73 than in '72, for I think you have had several invalidings within the last twelve months.

Mr. Langford wrote yesterday that he knew of an article on "Middlemarch" being in preparation for the "Times," which certainly was never before so slow in noticing a book of mine. Whether such an article will affect the sale favourably seems eminently uncertain, and can only complicate Mr. Simpson's problem.

We have been glad to welcome our good friend, Mr. Anthony Trollope, after his long absence. He is wonderfully full of life and energy, and will soon bring out his two thick volumes on Australian colonies.

My friendly Dutch publishers latey sent us a handsome row of volumes—George Eliot's "Romantische Werke," with an introduction, in which comparisons are safely shrouded for me in the haze of Dutch, so that if they are disadvantageous, I am Letter not pained. Black"

Please give my best wishes for the coming year wood, 3d to Mr. William Blackwood. Jan-l8"

At last I break my silence, and thank you for Letter to your kind care about me. I am able to enjoy myJJhjaTMss' reading at the corner of my study fire, and am atl873that unpitiable stage of illness which is counterbalanced by extra petting. I have been fearing that you too may be undergoing some malaise of a kindred sort, and I should like to be assured that you have quite got through the troubles which threatened you.

How good you have all been to me, and what a disappointing investment of affection I have turned out! But those evening drives, which perhaps encouraged the face-ache, have left me a treasure of picture and poetry in my memory quite worth paying for, and in these days all prices are high.

The new year began very prettily for me at halfpast eight in the morning with a beautiful bouquet, left by an unknown at our door, and an inscription asking that "God's blessing might ever abide with the immortal author of 'Silas Marner.'"

I am much pleased with the colour and the let-Letter tering of the guinea edition, and the thinner paper B1/ck° makes it delightfully handy. Let us hope that w°od, 2sth some people still want to read it, since a friend of ''" 73' ours, in one short railway bit to and fro, saw two persons reading the paper-covered numbers. Now is the moment when a notice in the "Times" might possibly give a perceptible impulse.

Cohn, of Berlin, has written to ask us to allow

Letter him to reprint "The Spanish Gypsy" for ,£50, and to John we iiave consented.* Some Dresdener, who has


wood, 2sthtranslated poems of Tennyson's, asked leave to Feb. 1875. translate <.The Spanish Gypsy" in i870, but I have not heard of his translation appearing.

The rain this morning is welcome, in exchange for the snow, which in London has none of its country charms left to it. Among my books, which comfort me in the absence of sunshine, is a copy of the "Handy Royal Atlas," which Mr. Lewes has got for me. The glorious index is all the more appreciable by me, because I am tormented with German historical atlases which have no index, and are covered with names swarming like ants on every map.

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