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Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

The Bhagavad Gita


Literary anecdotes of the nineteenth century

by Sir William Robertson Nicoll



The work, of which this is the first volume, has been

suggested by Nichols's well-known Literary Anecdotes of

the Eighteenth Century. The editors hope to provide in

it a considerable amount of fresh matter, illustrating the

life and work of British authors in the Nineteenth Century.

To a large extent they rely upon manuscript material, but

use will be made of practically inaccessible texts, and of

fugitive writings. While leading authors will receive due

attention, much space will be devoted to the less-known

writers of the period. It is intended to supply Biographies,

Letters hitherto unpublished, additions from Manuscript

sources to published works, together with a scries of full

Bibliographies of the writings of the greater authors. Every

precaution has been taken to avoid the infringement of

copyright, and the editors hope that they will be forgiven

any involuntary transgression. Illustrations and numerous

facsimiles will be provided in each volume. Only one

thousand copies are to be printed, of which two hundred

and fifty are for America. The editors will not under any circumstances reprint the work, but they reserve to themselves the right to issue separately the various Bibliographies, or any other section of it.

They are greatly indebted to the kindness and courtesy of many friends, among whom is especially to be mentioned Mr. H. Buxton Forman, who has contributed extensively to the present volume.

The editors will gladly welcome any suggestions, corrections, or contributions of suitable material.

London, November 1st, 1895.


Portrait Of William Blake Frontispiece.

This portrait of William Blaht is after the original finished oil shetch from the life, ana not from the more highly elaborated picture which Phillips afterwards produced, and which is now in the National Portrait Gallery. This life-sized shetch was exhibited at the Burlington Fine Arts Club Blahe Exhibition, and is new in the possession of a private collector, who has allowed the use of the plate etched for him by the late poet-painter William Bell Scott. This worh is one of the strongest and most characteristic of Scotfs etehings, which, for purposes such as the present, possess the unusual value of having been done on steel with the burin and not on copper with the point. Save through a few proofs circulated in Scotfs lifetime, the plate is totally unhnown.

To face page Part of Mrs. Browning's Opinion on Tennyson, revised by R. H. Home.

Fac-simile of the original Manuscript 39 .

Sonnet Birth and Death by Thomas Wade. Fac-simile of the original

Holograph 71

Wade's Contention of Death and Love. From the rare original in the

Library of Mr. Buxton Forman 123 .

Wade's Helena. From a copy of the rare original in the Library of

Mr. Buxton Forman 141

Commencement of the first sheet of Landor's The Mother's Tale. Facsimile of the original Manuscript 179

.Landor's Dream of Youth and Beauty. Fac-simile of a portion of the

Holograph 212 ■

Letter from W. S. Lander to Lady Blessington. Fac-simile of the last

page 226

Landor's Poem " What is really my Belief?" Fac-simile of the

Holograph 230

To face page Richard Henry Home. Fac-simile of a Caricature, drawn by George

Gordon McCrae 237 .

Portrait of Charles Wells, photo-intaglio, from the miniature by

Wageman 291 .

A Dramatic Seme, by Charles Wells. Fac-simile of a page of the

original Holograph 299 .

Shelley's Letters to Leigh Hunt. Fac-simile of a portion of one of the

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