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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, James Legge (trans.)

The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky


by Matthias Sheeleigh


Which rent the mist that veiled this western world,

The King of Zion had but lately sent

To Saxon home the chosen instrument,

That should ere long with fearless heart proclaim

The blessed word of Faith in Jesus' name,

And bravely wrest away the errors vast

By which the truth was hid for ages past:

Thus while there sprang an earthly realm to view,

The kingdom of the skies came forth anew.

For centuries God's providence had here

Kept in reserve this ample hemisphere,

Whereon in after-times the Church, in truth,

Less bound and burdened, should renew her youth.

Scarce had been struck at Wittenberg the spark
To spread the light where long it had been dark,
When forth there flashed the Reformation flame,
Waking to life the lands where'er it came;
While base oppressors, both in Church and State,
In terror gazed, and trembled for their fate.

Well did the Lord sustain His chosen few,
'Midst fierce oppression till a host they grew;
Well did he strengthen and uphold the man
Who stood through each fierce conflict in the van;
And well, at Worms, nerve up with grace that heart,
In hero-spirit to perform its part,
As, with his brave "Hier stehe Ich," he rose
The victor o'er the Gospel's banded foes.

God's Book, now in the people's language set,
Was scattered far, and with rejoicing met;
And far abroad became the teaching known,
That we are justified by Faith alone—
A living Faith in Christ, which fruit must bring
To honor Him whence life and peace do spring.
From land to land passed on the joyful sound,
And papal rule was stricken to the ground;
As nursing fathers Kings now forward came,
And Queens as nursing mothers pledged their name.


What though I'm called a Lutheran?

Shall I that honored name deny?— That name encompassed with the truth,

And crowned with glory from on high?

Who thinks that those who bear the name
Must be from gospel truth enticed?

We may follow Luther just as far
As Luther truly followed Christ.

Not one of us calls Luther, Lord,
Or rests his faith or hope on him;

We were not baptized into his name,
Nor serve we saints or seraphim.

But if it be that those who hold
The truth of God's inspired page,

Restored to men from out the dark
Recesses of a monstrous age—

If such may rightly bear the name
Of God's distinguished Instrument,

Then let me be a Lutheran,

With heart and hand, till life be spent.

The whole true Church of Christ I love,
And pray that God would speed her on;

But ask me not to leave that house
That looks upon me as a son.

Her table bears a rich supply

Provided for the mind and heart, And the employments she affords,

Vigor of life and health impart.

I love her. hearthstones and her fires,

I love her altars and her gates; Within her pale and 'neath her roof

A constant joy for me awaits.

As round her temple walls I gaze,

Thousands of cherished names appear—

Mighty in faith, and word, and deed—
By all the world to memory dear.

Her millions dwell in every clime,

From Iceland's everlasting snow, Far down beneath the burning skies,

Where India's golden waters flow.

And here, upon these sunset shores,
Her children by ten thousands dwell;

And here all men shall yet give heed

To the mighty things their tongues shall tell.

Her faithful far abroad have gone,
And raised the gospel-banner high;

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