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The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

Lyrics on life. By Frederic W. Farrar

by Frederic William Farrar


I too have wandered o'er that checquered lea,

And somewhat seen, and suffered thoughtfully;

Retraverse, gentle hearts, the wondrous path with me! WHAT CHILDHOOD WAS.

Give me back, oh give me something of the flowers

and the gold, And the depths of crimson glory that the summer

eves unfold,

And the tones of merry music from the rippling

waters rolled; Give me back the vanished moments with their

wealth of joy untold, And the childhood, and the gladness, and the glory,

and the gold, Give them back, ere my heart too is cold! Give me back the rosy blossom and the glances

bright and bold, And if night or twilight cometh as our lives on

earth grow old, Let the gloom be starry-sprinkled with a lustre


Ere the sunny garden alter to a dank and ragged wold,

Ere the mildew blight the corn-ear, ere the fruit be

white with mould; Give, oh give, if for one moment, give the flowers

and the gold, Memories of our childhood's May-time, magical

with flowers and gold, Give them back ere our hearts too are cold! THE HAPPY YEAR.

Fair were thy four bright children, happy year!
The purple summer, and the golden wane,
Spring, garland-crowned, and winter, silvery-carred.

Spring, a gay child, with many-sprinkled plumes,
And cheeks of roseate apple, like a Love's;
Fanned with soft winnowing of gem-like wings,
Circled with flowers, and flower-like butterflies.

And Summer, flushing with his bloomy fruits,
A bold boy, bathing in the mountain streams,
Or, in the splendorous drowsiness of noon,
Sunburnt, a-slumber in the yellowing corn.

And Autumn, sighing in the silent woods,
Amid the fluttering patter of sere leaves;
Pale maiden, with a ruddy-golden wreath,
All gorgeous on her melancholy brow.

And crystal-sceptred Winter, glittering-eyed!

A monarch with his white robe diamond-fringed

And flowery-frosted; silver was his helm,

And the winds freshened on his sparkling cheek.

Fair were thy four bright children, dying year!
I love them, and have loved them all along;
Have loved them in the shower and in the shine,
Thankful for all the gladness they have brought.

FROM THE GREEK OF ALCvEUS. Mtjscv dyav &yav /xe Tepirei.

No golden-waving harvests,

No spreading fields for me, Not all the wealth of Gyges .

Shall my possession be!
Sufficient for the needs of life

Is all I wish to have,
And what is nought excessive,

Excessively I crave!


Would that thou, oh blear-eyed Plutus,
Not in island, nor in ocean,
Nor on continent wert dwelling,
But to darkest hell wert banished,
There abiding, for thou wreakest
Many woes on men!


And every move, Graceful as Hyacinth he glided on; Graceful as Dryad dance on violet mead; Graceful as Grecian fancy imaged The rose-crowned Eros, as he sails the clouds Clasping the doves of Aphrodite's car, Or on the silvery deer of Artemis Alighteth jubilant, and all unfurls His many-coloured wings, until the breeze Has dried them from the dews of asphodel, And blown away the downy stamen-gold Of bright amaracus, that to them clung In glittering rich dust, from the flower beds Where last the boy had slept.


O Innocent and fair, I pray for thee
That the white garment of thy lustrous youth
May keep its beauty, and that angel bands
May watch around thee in celestial choir,
And by the majesty of crowned brow,
And by the purity of stainless hand,
And by the gleam of virtue's diamond arms,
May drive far hence the lion-hosts of ill
That growl around thee: so thou mayest live
In goodness, and, as highest mountain-top
Is rosy-crested on its helm of snow
First in the morning, and reflecteth last
The orbed splendours of the burning sun,—
So thou, thus faultless in thy vernal days,
Ma/st, until death, still mirror on thy soul
Hues of reflected heaven.

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