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The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Manual for rifle practice

by George Wood Wingate




i.* An officer upon the General Staff to be known as the General Inspector of Rifle Practice, should be assigned general supervision over the rifle practice of the troops. He will prepare all forms and blanks and see that the prescribed method of instruction is properly carried out. An officer upon each division, brigade, and regimental staff should be assigned the supervision of the rifle practice of his command, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the General Inspector. They should be known as Inspectors of Rifle Practice.

The selection of ranges, their construction, and mode of operation, the condition of the arms of the troops, and the quality of the ammunition issued, in addition to the general instruction in rifle practice, should be under the charge of these officers, each of whom will report to his superior, from time to time, such information upon these subjects as may be required. No officers should be assigned to this duty, who are not good shots and interested in the subject of their duties. They should be required to qualify for the "Marksman's Badge," f and should habitually wear it while on duty, to encourage the troops to compete for it.

2* General officers are to give their special attention to the instruction in rifle practice of the troops under their command and to bring to notice all neglect upon the subject.

3.* Every regimental commander is responsible for the instruction of his command in musketry. He will make himself acquainted with this most important part of a soldier's duty by careful study of the following regulations, by giving personal superintendence to the companies under instruction, and by availing himself of the assistance and information to be derived from the Inspectors of Rifle Practice.

He will assemble the officers under his command for theoretical and practical instruction as often as he may judge necessary. He, and not the Regimental Inspector of Rifle Practice, will conduct all correspondence on the subject and be answerable for the correctness o. all returns, etc. He will afford every information and explanation that may be called for by the General Inspector of Rifle Practice, or the Division or Brigade Inspectors, and should he be in doubt as to any point under these regulations, or deem it necessary to make any exception thereto, he will apply to the Brigade Inspector of Rifle Practice, who will give the information or refer the question to the general officer commanding. When unable to attend to these duties in person, they will be discharged by the officer next in rank.

t See Page 144.

4. Captains and lieutenants are to make themselves equally conversant with these regulations as with the tactics, are to be present at the musketry drill and practice of their companies, to acquaint themselves with the proficiency of every member thereof in marksmanship and judging distance, and are to take part in the preliminary drills and individual firing. Company officers are to go through the entire course prescribed for recruits.

5.* Each regimental inspector of rifle practice shall have personal charge of the instruction in rifle practice of the officers and recruits, and the theoreti;:/ instruction of the entire command in that particular.

He is responsible to the commanding officer, that the rifle practice of the several companies is carried out with uniformity and in strict accordance with these regulations, and will act as umpire in case of disputed hits. The general practice of the command at the range, will be under his direction, and all competitions for the badge of " Marksman " are to be under his personal supervision. He will aid and assist the commandants of companies in all matters relating to rifle practice, and will see that proper provision is made in the Regimental Armory, for rifle practice and that the targets and other appurtenances for that purpose, are safe and in good order. He should examine all company returns upon this subject and prepare all returns required to be made by the regiment in relation thereto.

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