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Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Bhagavad Gita


Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller


by Samuel Pepys


f_The Letters marked C. were kindly contributed by Samuel Pepys Cockerell, Esq. from Family Papers in his possession. U. denotes those from the Collection of Mr. W. Upcott of the London Institution; and the remainder, to which B. L. or P. L. are prefixed, were obtained from the Bodleian or Pepysiau Libraries.]

(Transmitted to Mr. Pepys.)
Sib, March 4, 1664.

Please to mynde Mr Pepys to prepare a bill against the next meeting, upon Mr Treasurer of His Majesty's Navy, for two thousand pounds to me, my heirs, executors, administrators, or assignes, according to his Gracious Majesty's and his Royal Highness warrants, out of the fower penses defalked for Vol. v. B

Ministers remaining in his hand, or that shall come to his hand by reason of the want of ministers in divers of His Majesty's ships. I pray bee carefull it bee ready and signed att the next meeting, and that those words be inserted in it, that is in his hand, or that shall come to his hand. Butt if those words be nott thought fitt to be putt, then these and of such monneyes as is in his hand, or so arising, which is exactly the words of the warrants, &c.

Jo. Lawson.

B. L. orig.

M'i pBPV8) Off Harwich, May 29, 1665.

I Thinke I am to returne you thankes for 2 letters, one concerning Sir Jo. Lawson's affaire, concerninge which I pray suffer mee to add this entreaty, That you effect what he desires as much as possible. I shall receive greate content when I find by him that you doe soe.

I thanke you for your care in providinge the thinges I wrott for ; I have the same prospect of affaires you have, and perhaps yet more disadvantages. Yet what God brings upon us must be runn through with as much indifference and industry as Ave can, and I trust he will make the successes better then wee looke for. Wee daily expect to meete the Dutch, beinge now liftinge up our ancors to be under sayle early in the morninge, bound for Sould Bay; and after a little stop there, to get our men and necessaryes from Harwich, then into the sea to looke the enemye out. God send the next account you have, may be to all our comforts. I am, &c.


B. L. orig.


August 30, 1665.
Under sayle, wind at West.
(Excuse my haste, the Duke of
Mr. Pepys, Albemarle hath a list of the fleete.)

Havinge not heard from you of divers dayes, it was very good newes to me to receive your letters, for I was in feare for you of the infection.

Wee have hastily hurried in what provisions wee had by us, and without stayinge for more, or for any other supply of men, wee are now got under sayle. I beleeve wee have neer 15 dayes drincke in the fleete, and our actuall condition will be much as it is stated in the account you sent me, but not soe if wee had continued at whole allowance and beene full manned.

I have written largely of all particulars to none but my brother, Sir Geo. Carteret, with whom I wish you to correspond. There be many thinges necessarye for present care against the fleet's returne; I pray use your best care for them.

God send you good newes of us, and that at my returne I may find your family and my other friends in health and prosperity! I am, &c.


B. L. orig.


(Transmitted to Mr. Pepys.)

On board the Prince, 30 leagues N.N.W. from the Texell, Sepr. 5, 1665.

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