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The Diplomatic Background of the War

Charles Seymour

Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

Paradoxes of the Highest Science

Eliphas Levi

Memoirs of the seventy-five eminent divines

by Samuel Dunn


-.. /enteenth century was a most stirring and eventful

>f British history. Men were raised up for the times.

/ere giants in those days. Among these, some of the

tinguished are the authors of the Morning Exercises;

i' profound erudition, eminent piety, ardent zeal, and

, . e usefulness. Preaching was their heloved work; and iculties of their minds, and the affections of their hearts e treasures of thought and of learning that they had ated, were employed in the discharge of a duty in which ighted.

particulars of the origin of this invaluable series will
1 in the Memoir of Dr. Annesley. The first volume is
The Morning Exercise Methodized; or, Certain
^eads and Points of the Christian Religion opened and
d, in divers Sermons; preached at St. Giles in the
in 1659. It was edited by the Rev. Thomas Case,
courses in the second volume were delivered in 1661:
is, The Morning Exercise at Cripplegate; or, Several
' Conscience Practically Resolved, by several Ministers.
n the third volume, in 1674: it is called, A Supple-
the Morning Exercise at Cripplegate; or, Several more
' Conscience Practically Resolved. The fourth volume
)lished in 1675: its title is, The Morning Exercise
Popery; or, The Principal Errors of the Church of
•etected and Confuted, in a Morning Lecture preached
i Southwark. The Rev. Nathanael Vincent, in whose
-house the admirable sermons in this course were

delivered, edited the volume. The fifth volume was published in 1683, being A Continuation of Morning Exercise Questions and Cases of Conscience. And the last, Casuistical Morning Exercises, in 1690.

This, it will be perceived, is the chronological order; but in the edition now being published, they are arranged thus:—the four volumes preached at Cripplegate, of which Dr. Annesley was the editor, first; then the Morning Exercise Methodized; and last, the Morning Exercise against Popery. In the Memoirs, the latter arrangement has been followed.

The six volumes form a collection of discourses on experimental and practical divinity, not surpassed in the English, nor perhaps in any other language. They are always orthodox. The five points in dispute between the Arminians and the Calvinists are seldom introduced. Like most of the sermons of those days, they contain too many quotations from Greek and Latin authors; and are, in general, overcharged with doctrine. The political questions that were then agitated with so much excitement are never introduced; and there is a remarkable freedom from all punning and allegorising. The preachers are always serious and affectionate in their spirit, and faithful, impressive, and often energetic, in their applications to the conscience. The divisions, propositions, objections, solutions, inferences, and uses, are far too numerous, disfigure the page, and frequently bewilder the mind of the reader, though they are mostly easy and natural. The editors of the respective volumes delivered the subjects of the discourses, most probably, after they had been submitted to the approbation of a committee, to the authors, who display great judgment in the selection of suitable texts.

The Outlines of such of the sermons as are here given, we think, cannot fail of being interesting and instructive to general readers. To young preachers they will prove serviceable; not by being a substitute for close mental application and careful composition, but by furnishing them with materials for thought, issisting them in the analysis of texts, and in the various •f sermonising. Most of the skeletons which have been published appear to be all cast in the same mould, as ive usually come out of it with an introduction, three .nd a conclusion. But while preachers may derive much

ice from these Outlines, no one will be able safely to use nless he has learned to think for himself.

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