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The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky


by George Croom Robertson



A Glance at the imprint of the present number of Mind will indicate that a change has taken place in its ownership. The nature and history of this change it seems desirable to explain here.

Mind owes its existence to the public spirit and philosophic zeal of Prof. Alexander Bain, who defrayed the initial expenses and met what was, at first, a heavy annual deficit. From the first year of Mind in 1876 to the end of 1891, when Prof. Bain's immediate connexion with it ceased, his total outlay could not be set down as much under £3,000.

In 1892 the financial responsibility for the conduct of Mind was assumed by the late Prof. Sidgwick and continued till his lamented death last summer. One of his last acts was to make the necessary arrangements for carrying on the journal down to the end of 1900. During this period the general management of Mind was in the hands of Prof. Sidgwick and his Cambridge colleagues. Financial assistance was also furnished by subscribers and guarantors in Cambridge, Oxford and elsewhere. From this informal beginning the present Mind Association has arisen.

The proposal to form such an Association was communicated by Prof. Sidgwick to a meeting held in Oxford on 12th November, 1899. The proposal was favourably received, and an Organising Committee was formed, with the Master of Balliol at its head. Invitations were issued to persons from whom it was felt support might be claimed and whose addresses it was possible to ascertain. AJthough the canvass was thus private and, necessarily, unsystematic, the response was encouraging as a beginning. At the moment of writing the Association has enrolled seventy-four members, whose names are printed below.

The first meeting of the Association was held in Balliol College on 20th October, 1900. Rules were adopted and officers chosen. On 9th November the Executive Committee, in accordance with Kule 5 and at the request of the Editor, appointed an Advisory Committee of about twenty prominent members of the Association to assist him. As soon as the Association was definitely constituted Mrs. Sidgwick made over to it her property in Mind.

As might be gathered from what has been said, Mind has never fully paid its expenses. The amount of the annual deficits for the last few years has been much smaller than in the beginning. Still in 1896 Prof. Sidgwick had to be responsible for about £60. Last year the deficit had fallen to about £20. Now, in consequence of the termination of the arrangement with the Aristotelian Society, it is possible that it may increase.

This deficit caused the formation of the present Association. It seemed obviously unsatisfactory that the only philosophical journal in the British Empire should continue to depend on the liberality of individuals; while in America, on the other hand, the wise liberality of academic institutions has provided for the permanence of several high-class periodicals devoted to philosophy and psychology.

As, in return for his guinea subscription, each member of the Association receives a copy of Mind the excess of the present subscriptions over the cost of the copies will be about £35. This sum is probably enough to cover the deficit and secure the guarantors against loss, but not to establish a suitable reserve fund, or to render it possible to incur any further expenses for the purpose of improving the journal. Hence the Executive Committee makes an appeal for further support to all those in the United Kingdom who have the progress of philosophy at heart. As, without a reserve fund the stability of the journal cannot be secured against accidental fluctuations, it is also hoped that donations towards the fund may be received from those able to afford them.

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