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Mine Inspector's report for Houghton County, Michigan

by Houghton County (Mich.)



Houghton County, Mich.

For the Year Ending September 30th, 1894.


To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Houghton County. Micliigan:

Gentlemen :—I have the honor of submitting' to you my annual report as Inspector of Mines for Houghton County, for the year ending September 30, 1894.

Accident 1 occurred at the Tamarack Junior mine October 11, 1893. Stephen Plantz and Errie Raco while riding in a bucket from the 6th to the 4th level in No. 1 Shaft, which was being hoisted by a small engine stationed at the 4th level. When the bucket was hoisted about forty feet Plantz put out his hand to steady the bucket. In doing so he fell from out of the bucket to the bottom of the shaft, fracturing the base of his skull.

Accident 2 occurred at the Quincy mine October 13, John P. Harrington and his partner blasted a hole in the stope in which they were working at the 36th level, north of No. 2 Shaft. After the hole had exploded they went back into the stope. Harrington passed under the place which had been blasted when a, large piece of vein rock that had been loosened by the blast fell on Harrington killing him instantly. No inquest was held^..

Accident 3 occurred October 24 in No. 2 Shaft, Kearsarge mine, where Mike Saler lost his life. From the information received from Dennis Harrington, engineer, and others, is as follows: The dull drills were hoisted to the surface in the morning. After the drills were taken out of the skip the signal was given to the engineer to lower it, and no one was supposed to be in the skip. When the skip had reached the 9th level some one signaled to the engineer that the men had gone down in the skip. The engine was stopped at once. Mike Saler, with three others, rode on the bail of the skip. Saler stood with his feet on the bail and his back on the rope with his hands holding onto the rope. John Enanish sat on Saler's feet; John Kapla sat on the right and Sackus Ramdla on the left side. Saler fell from the skip at the 7th level and rolled down the shaft. He was found at the 8th level with his thigh broken and his skull fractured. He was taken to the mine hospital where he died soon after.

Accident 4.—October 31.—Matt Kivari was charging a hole in a stope at the 33rd level, north of No. 3 shaft, Hecla branch of the Calumet and Hecla mine, and while he was ramming the powder into the hole with an iron bar it exploded, tearing off his left hand at the wrist and taking three fingers from the right hand and also breaking his right arm in three places.

Accident5.—November2.—Anthony Shutelost his life in No. 4 shaft, North Tamarack mine. Shute, with others, were engaged filling the bucket with rock at the bottom of the shaft. A rock fell from the side of the shaft striking Shute on the back of his head killing him instantly. An inquest was held before Coroner Macdonald. Four witnesses testified that were at work with Shute when the accident occurred, "That they had no suspicion that there was any danger of rock falling, for if they had they would not have worked there, as they were in as much danger as the man who had been killed. They examined the place where the rock fell from but a short time before and thought it safe." The jury returned a verdict "That the said Anthony Shute came to his death by being struck with a rock falling from the side of the shaft that was thought to be perfectly safe."

Accident 6.—November 14.—Jacob Waliguski and Olaf Rantio were loading a car with rock in the 28th level north of No. 6 shaft, Hecla branch of the Calumet and Hecla mine, when a large piece of vein rock fell killing Waliguski. Rantio had his left leg broken and his head was badly cut. The remains of Waliguski were taken to the mine hospital where an inquest was held before Coroner Macdonald. Several witnesses were sworn and from the evidence given it was shown that the rock was considered perfectly safe by all the men working in the place where the accident occurred. The jury returned a verdict "That Jacob Waliguski came to his death by being struck by a fall of vein rock a nd that his death was accidental." Rantio was also taken to the mine hospital where he received surgical attendance.

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