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Monuments at Gettysburg

by Vermont. Commission for Erecting Monuments at Gettysburg


Rush C. Hawkins, New York, plans 50 00

Carrick Brothers' Granite Company, St. Johnsbury,

labor ami material 400 00

liipley Sons, Rutland, labor and material 700 00

Total contributions $4118 50


Cost of plan and State monument $9050 00

Cost of First Brigade monument 1200 00

Cost of Cavalry monument 1000 00

Cost of First Sharpshooters' monument 1200 00

Cost of Second Sharpshooters' monument 500 00

$12,950 00


Appropriation of 1886 $6500 00

Contributions 4118 50 $10,618 50

Excess of liabilities over resources $2,331 50

There are some expenses, such as clerk hire, printing, postage, etc., incident to obtaining the contributions and not properly chargeable to the expense account for which appropriation was made, and such, also, as the services of artists, which are not yet finished, and for which bills have not been rendered, and there will continue tc be more such expenses, so it is safe to estimate the sum requisite at $3000 00

Add estimated cost of statue of Gen. Stannard 5000 00

Total appropriation now recommended

$8000 00


[Near the Slyder house, west of Round Top]


Early last summer the contractors were obliged to suspend work on the State monument for want of stock. Owing to some misfortune or mismanagement at the quarry, the blocks for the shaft and capital were not produced according to promise and expectation. It had been represented to the contractors and commissioners that the material was in sight and easily accessible, and as a railroad runs alongside the quarry, this seemed the likeliest opportunity at the time the contract was made for obtaining the stone early, thus rendering it probable that the monument would be completed within the time required by the contract, or at latest, within the lime required by law.

But after the interruption, large masses of rock had to be removed and neither contractors nor commissioners could much hasten the work. Recently the piece requiring the most labor has been furnished and the other is represented as about to be produced. It is obvious, however, that the monument cannot well be completed and erected before next spring.

Attention is invited to the provision .of the Act of 1886, requiring this work to be completed by October 1, 1888, and legislation is respectfully recommended, if thought necessary, to authorize the completion of the work and make available the unexpended balance of the appropriation.


By general request a public dedication of the monuments had been contemplated, and arrangements for it, which were to include a cheap excursion from Vermont, had become well advanced when work was suspended. The commissioners are advised that an unlooked for delay has occurred in the preparation of the Pennsylvania monuments, in consequence of which their dedication has been postponed until some time next spring, probably between the middle of May and the middle of June. Gov. Beaver, in response to an inquiry on this subject, which also conveyed information of the delay here, wrote this commisaion as follows:

"I can see no objection to Pennsylvania and Vermont uniting their forces at the dedication, as the}' did at the battle, and it" you should so decide, it will give me pleasure to render you any sorvice in my power in connection with your arrangements for the day or occasion."

In this connection the commissioners wish to report that on two occasions of their visit to the field, they have already received great courtesy at the hands of Gov. Beaver and members of the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Many of the dedications that have thus far occurred have been participated in by the several State governments interested, and escorts of music and troops have been sent. As to what Vermont should do in this matter, the commissioners have no recommendation to make.

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