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Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Paradoxes of the Highest Science

Eliphas Levi

The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Moses his self-denyall

by Jeremiah Burroughs


As defpairebrings hell into the foule.

onelywith Iacob, but with us: whatsoever mercy God shewed to him, we makeittf»w, as if God were speaking with us, and PfU. 66.6. Hee turned the sea into dry land, they went through the | flood on soot,there did we rejoyce in them: the comfort of the mercies of God for many yeares past to their forefathers, they make as theirs, there did wee rejoyce.

So all the promises that God hath made to any of his people, though never so long agoe, faith fetches out the comfort of them, as if they were made now to us. Compare Joshua i. 5. with Hebrews 13. 5. God faith to IoJhua3l will be with thee, J will not failethee, nor forsake thee: now in the ffehrewes Saint Paul applyeth it to the beleevers in his time, as if it had beene made to them. Be content ( faith he ) with such things as ye have, for hee hath said, / will not leave thee,nor forsake thee.They might haveanswered,where hath God said so i hee said it indeede to Zojhua, but what is that to us i yes, all one as if he had spoken to you. Vpon this one instance, whatsoever promise God ever made to any of his people, since the beginning of the world, for any good, if our condition comes to be the lame. Faith will make it her owne, as if God had but now made it to us in particular. So for Gods former dealings with our selves, when all fense of Gods mercies faile, that God feemes to be as an enemy, Faith will fetch life from his former mercies 9 as if they were now present 5 as wee see in David, Psal. 77. 5,6, I have considered the dayes of old, she yeeres of ancient time: I call to remembrance my song in the night, &e. And vers. 10. I fed, thisis my infirmity, but I mil remember theyeeres of the right hand of the most High. Hee checkes himselfe for doubting of Gods mercies, because of his former mercies, and hee recovers himselfe by bringing to minde the former dealings of God with them : So Pfal. 143. 45. Davids spirit was even overwhelmed within him, and his heart was de.solate, yet he recovers himselfe , by remembring the day es of old, and

fees all things under him as small. Eufebius tells us of a notable speech that Ignatius used, when hee was in his enemies hands, not long before hee was to suffer, which argued a raised spirit to a wonderfull height, above the world , and above himfelfe. I care (saves heeJ for nothing visible or invisible, that I might get Christ:let fire, the crosse, the letting out of beasts upon mce, breaking of my bones, the tearing of my members, the grinding of my whole body, and the torments of the Devils come upon me, so be it I may get Christ. Faith puts a holy magnanimity upon thefoule, to flight and to over-Iooke with a holy contempt, whatsoever the world proffers or threatens.

AU things are under us while wee are above our selves, and it is onely Faith that empties us of our selves., and raises us above our selves; Faith raises the soule to converse with high and glorious things, withthedeepcand eternall counsels of God, with the glorious mysteries of the Gospel, with

comcommunion withGod and Jesus Christ, with the great things of the Kingdome of Christ, with the great things of Heaven and eternall life. Mai, before Faith comes into their soules, have poore low spirits, busied about meane and contemptible things, and therefore every offer of the world prevails with them, and every little danger of suffering any trouble scares them, and makes them yeeld to .any thing j but when Faith comes, there is another manner of spirit in a man. Threaten, sayes he, your purple Gallants, that give themselves to their pleasures. And Basil in his Homily in guadragintaMartjres, brings them in answering the offers of worldly preferments; Why doe you promise us these small things of the world, which you account great, when as the whole world is despised by us? What great spirits did Faith put into some of these worthies mentioned in this chapter, which appeares by the great things that they did by their Faith?vers 33.34. Through F aith they subdued Kingdomes, they stopped the mouthes of Lions : and this is observable, that working righteousness*, and obtaining the promises are put betweene these two; as if these were workes of the fame ranke, fit to bee joyned with such great things as those were. Againe, by Faith they quenched the violence of the pe: of make, they were made strong; they waxed valiant in fight, they turned to flight the Armies of the Aliens.

Every spirit is not fit for sufferings, but a spirit truely raised by Faith, a princely spirit, so Luther calls it; to dare to venture losse of estate and life for the Name of Christ, to this a Princely spirit is required. When Falens the Emperour sent his Officer to Sasilius, seeking to turne him from the Faitb, hee first offered him great preferments, but Basil rejected them with scorne, offer thefeJhingS, siyes he, to children; then he threatens him most grievously: Basil contemnes all his thieatnings 5

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