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Mr Hutchinson's exposition of Cherubim

by Thomas Sharp


I T is from Ezekiel only, that Mr H. takes the description. It is from him alone that the figure is said to be a compound

of of sour animals *, and to have three heads (according to Mr C.) or four heads (according to others) and four visages. For nothing more is said of the figures on the Mercy-Seat, than that each of them had wings and a visage.

Now what is it that Ezekiel calls the Cherubim f Not each figure., or living-creature, with the four heads and visages, but the four figures or living-creatures that supported the Throne. See Ezek. x. i, 3, 5, 8, 9, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20. Whereas, when he speaks of any of these four living creatures separately, and in contradistinction

* " That this was the figure of the Cherubim we learn

" from the Prophet Ezekiel." Proposals for printing

MrH.'s Works, p. 23.

" From the Visions of Ezekiel he collects that the " form of the Cherubim was one figure, with four heads or " visages." Letter to a Bijhop, p. 45.

" It pleased God to exhibit to one of his Prophets. " Ezekiel, in a vision, at different times, the figure of " those emblems which he has in two several places, " Chap, ist, and xth, carefully recorded. The description " 'of the creatures seen in this vision by Ezekiel, is so full, " and so anxiously, and laboriously given, that there is no " mistaking some of the great lines of it."

'* Knowing thus from Ezekiel the form of the Cbi

«« rubim," &c.

Thoughts concerning Religion, p. ic8.

tion from the others, then he calls it only Cherub.

"Go in between the wheels, even untc der the Cherub, and fill thy hands with " coals of sire from between the Cheru" bim" Ibid. ver. 2.

"and one Cherub stretched forth his c< hand from between the Cherubim." Ibid. ver. 7,

S o again, when he speaks of Cherubim in his temple, chap. xli. He gives the plural Cherubim to an indefinite number, ver. 20, 25. And the singular Cherub when he speaks of any one of them,

" And it was made with Cberubims and " Palm-trees, so that a Palm-tree was be" tween a Cherub and a Cherub. And every " Cherub had two faces." ver. 18.

The fame, distinction is preserved by Moses, in his account of the Cherubim on the ark.

Exod. xxv. "thou shalt make two

" Cherubims of gold. And make one

w Cherub on the one end, and the other " Cherub on the other end, even of the " Mercy-seat shall ye make the Cherubims " on the two ends thereof." ver. j8, 19, 20.


And this is a rule which holds, as Itake it, throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, viz. that D^l-D is never used but when two or more Cherubs are spoken of. See 1 Kings vi. 24.——and vii. 29.— and

viii. 6. 2 Chron, iii. 7.—and v. 8. and

other places.

When therefore Mr C. after having described one of the living creatures with four visages from Ezekiel, in the passage cited from him above, added—" THIS " was named Cherubim" he presumed a little too hastily upon that which will not be granted him without good proof.

7*HE defender of Mr H.'s plan has stated the point justly, faying, p. 50.——— " What does Ezekiel mean when he fays, " / knew that they were the Cherubims ? " The image as compounded of four " heads and one body, is called a Cherub. " Ezekiel fees four of these representa" tions, and fays, he knew them $0 be " Cherubim."

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