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Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

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New Testament conversions

by George Henry Gerberding



"op the making of books, there is no end." If this was true in Solomon's day, how much more true in our day?

The saying of the wise man can also be applied to many special departments of literature. It can be said with truth, "of the making of sermon books, there is no end." Why, then, send forth another Book of Sermons ?

Does it bring out truths unknown before? Does it occupy ground unused before? Does it treat of subjects not handled in the past? Not It sets forth truth as old as Revelation. It tills in fields that have been broken and dragged and rolled by all sorts of ploughmen and teams and implements. It treats of a trite and worn and common subject .

God was treating of it and aiming at it when He said in Eden: "Adam, where art thou?'' God's Book is full of it . Books and sermons without number have been written upon it .

Why, then, a new book of sermons on conversion?

Because not all that has been written and preached on the subject is truth. Much of it is the saddest and most dangerous caricature of truth. Few subjects have been more abused, misrepresented and misunderstood. A veritable flood of ruinous error has emanated from pen and pulpit on this subject. A sad wreckage of doubt, gloom, skepticism, despair, insanity and self-destruction is the result. Much of the current twaddle is the shallowest sentimentalism or the wildest fanaticism, with all the various baseless gradations between. It tends to confuse the mind, to harden the heart, to quench the spirit, to ruin the soul.

Here, on the one hand, are our cold, humanitarian moralists. These are the apostles of culture and progress. They would evolve a dignified and proud manliness out of the natural man. Man is too great, and grand, and good, to need a re-creation—a new heart and life! Conversion, with them, is nothing but a laying aside of bad habits, an outward reformation.

On the other hand, here is a whole host of would-be evangelizers. They seem to consider it their special mission and commission to "convert sinners." They often become quite proficient in their avocation. They can bring about hundreds subject, these latter almost ignore it. They don't preach much conversion. They seem to be almost afraid of the term. They speak much of truth, and Grace, and faith, and righteousness. And against all this we would be the last to say one word. But to neglect or ignore the subject of conversion is certainly a very grievous and dangerous mistake. It may result in a false security in the unconverted—of whom there are certainly many among the hearers of every preacher. It may result in the loss of souls, which will be required at the pastor's hand.

In these godless and worldly times we must earnestly and diligently preach conversion. We must insist on its necessity. We must reason, exhort, convince, beseech, and plead; "Turn ye, turn ye; why will ye die ?''

We must explain from the divine Word what is the nature of this change. We must labor to have the plainest hearer understand this vital subject and his personal relation to it. We must show how God, who alone has the power to give the new life, yet has thrown all the responsibility on man, by putting within his reach the life-bearing means of Grace.

It was the lot of the writer of this book to be has not been overworked, and there is room for this book of sermons.

That it may help to lead some confused and groping ones into the light; that it may counteract dangerous error; that it may show the beauty, simplicity and satisfying nature of the teachings of the Word; and that it may become instrumental in leading to true conversions, is the hope and prayer of The Author.

Fargo, Dakota, Easter, iSSq.

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