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Niger mission

by Samuel Crowther


Bishop Crowther resides for a part of the year at Lagos, and annually visits the Niger when the depth of water for a few months allows trading ships or Her Majesty's gunboats to ascend the river. Accounts have been given from time to time in the Church Missionary Record and Intelligencer of these visitations.

At Lokoja a British Consul resided for several years, Dr. Baikie, who zealously promoted the objects of the Mission, as well 'as the commercial interests of the British traders. But in the year 1869 the Consul was withdrawn, and the community were therefore cast upon their own resources for their preservation. They elected a manager of the settlement, and applied to the Mahometan Nupe king, called Masaba, who is a powerful sovereign and whose dominions surround Lokoja, to protect them and to recognize the manager whom they had appointed. Forthe negociation of this affair Bishop Crowther and the commander of Her Majesty's gunboats, then in the river, together with a deputation from the settlement, visited King Masaba at Bida, and received from him the assurance of his protection and friendly assistance. The Bishop then prepared to return with the trading vessels to the coast, and so on to Lagos. But the two best vessels on which he depended for his return were both grounded, owing to the fall of the river, the one above Lokoja, and the other below it, near Onitsha, and there were no means of again floating the vessels till the rise of the river six months later. In the meantime Lokoja was exposed to new dangers from the lawless conduct of the troops of King Masaba, who had been commissioned to defend the settlements; and it was determined to send another party to King Masaba to remonstrate against the injurious conduct of his soldiers, and also to obtain his assistance for the safe passage of Bishop Crowther and several of the officers of the grounded vessels overland to Lagos.

Bishop Crowther has sent home his journal of this second visit to Bida, and of his journey overland to Lagos, which conveys such a graphic account of the country and of the favourable disposition of King Masaba and other Mahometan kings towards the Queen of England, as well as so much evidence of the gradual growth of the native Church, that it is now printed for publication in a separate form.

The Committee of the Church Missionary Society trust that this simple narrative may show that there is every prospect of Africa being opened to Christianity and lawful commerce, through the agency of her own converted sons, if only a sufficient supply of well-trained men are sent forth to take advantage of the favourable openings now presented in Western Africa. But for this purpose the funds of the Society need to be enlarged, and the hearts of Christian friends need to be stirred up to more abundant prayer to the Lord, that His Divine blessing may rest upon the enterprise.

Church Missionary House,
August, 1872.

Report of the Overland ^Journey from Lokoja to Bida on the Niger, and thence to Lagos on the Sea Coast, from November 10th, 1871, to February 8th, 1872.

I Must continue my notices of this year's visit to the Niger Mission, though my plans of operations have been entirely thwarted by the unfortunate grounding of the "Victoria" up the river. This circumstance having deranged my plans, I was unable to proceed down the river to Onitsha, where I had left orders for the inspection of the land promised for a new station at Ossamare, intended to be taken up this year; and thence to Brass River, to arrange finally about the occupation of Nembe, for which all preparations had been made; and thence to Bonny, where extensive enlargements were being made for the improvement of the mission work; and my steps were directed to the overland route back to Bida in Nupe, and through the Yoruba country to Lagos, leaving the "Victoria" on the sand, in the bed of the river, till the next season.

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