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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

The Worm Ouroboros

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The Haunted Bookshop

Christopher Morely

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

Ninety-six sermons

by Lancelot Andrewes


as much to say as, Weep not, noli te angere, noli me plangere; —there is some comfort in that . But known, He grows somewhat strange on the sudden, and asks her what she means to come so near Him, or offer to touch Him; which must needs be much to her discomfort, to be forbidden once to come near or touch her Saviour, and to be forbidden by His own mouth.

But there is good use of noli me plangere, and noli me tangere, both. One we have touched already; of the other, now. One would little think it, but they sort well, Quid floras? and noli me tangere. Quid ploras? To rejoice at His rising; noli me tangere, to do it with reverence. They amount to Ps. 2. 11. exultate in tremore.

The di- The verse of itself, falls into two parts. We may divide it, v s1on- as the Jews do the Law, into Do not, and Do; somewhat forbidden there is, and somewhat bidden. Forbidden—do not, not touch me; bidden—but do, "go your ways and tell." The forbidding part stands of two points; 1. a restraint, and L 2. a reason. I. The restraint in these; noli me tangere, Sfc II. II. The reason in these; nondum enim, §-c. "for I am not yet ascended," &c.

The bidding part, of three. 1. A mission or commission, to go do a message, vade et die. 2. The parties to whom; "to My brethren," that is, to His Disciples. 3. The message itself, "I ascend to My Father," &c. And this latter is as it were an amends for the former; that the text is like the time of the year-—the morning somewhat fresh, but a fair day after. Noli me tangere, the repulse, is the sharp morning; vade et die, the welcome message, the fair day we spake of, that makes all well again.

Either of these will serve for a sermon; the former noli me tangere, Sfc. it is so full of difficulties, but withal, of good and needful caution. The latter of the message, it is so fraught with high mysteries, and beside, with much heavenly comfort. They call it Mary Magdalene's Gospel, for glad tidings it contains; and what is the Gospel else? The first Gospel or glad tidings after Christ's resurrection. The very Gospel of the Gospel itself, and a compendium of all the four. Of which, if God will, at some other time. Now I will trouble you no farther but with, "Touch Me not, for I am not yet ascended to the Father."

No sooner had Christ's voice sounded in her ears, but she I. knew straight—" Rabboni," it was He; and withal, as it may ptraint, be gathered by this noli Me, Sfc, she did that which amounted ^e^e to a volo te tangere; that is, she made toward Him, stretched forth her hand, and offered, would have touched Him, but for this "Touch Me not." "Touch not?" why "not?" What harm had there been if He had suffered her to touch Him? The speech is strange to be spoken either by Him or to her; the reason, the "for," yet more strange; many difficulties in both: God send us well through them! There be but three words, 1. Noli, 2. Me, and 3. tangere: "touch" at which of these three you will—tangere the thing; noli and Me, the two parties; Me, Him, Christ; noli, her, Mary Magdalene; you will find somewhat strange this speech of His.

Tangere, the thing. "Not touch?" Why, it is nothing to 1. touch, and because it is nothing, might have been yielded to. J/eThinfi And yet to touch Christ, is not nothing. Many desired, yea $|at"'y1o"' strove, to touch Him; there went virtue from Him, even while He was mortal; but now He is immortal, by all likelihood much more. That was not her case, to draw aught from Him; it was for pure love, and nothing else, she desired it. To love, it is not enough to hear or see; it is carried farther, to touch and take hold; it is affectus unionis, and the nearest union is per contactum.

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