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The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

Notes on doctrinal and spiritual subjects

by Frederick William Faber


From the first, all the troubles of the Church were regarded as types of Antichrist, as Christ had His types; so we naturally conclude with this. It is not an idle speculation: Scripture puts it before us.

I. The person of Antichrist.

1. A single person. "The man of sin, the son of perdition, that wicked one."* "This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son."t v. Apoc. xix.

2. Many believed in a demoniacal incarnation— this will not be so—but he will be a man utterly possessed. (Card. Berulle.)

8. Not come yet—Mahomet was not he—the signs are not fulfilled.

4. He is to be a king—his kingdom in visible antagonism to the kingdom of Christ—so all civil oppositions have been precursors of Antichrist.

5. Certainly a Jew—uncertain if of tribe of Dan—origin probably obscure.

• 2 Tliesa. ii. 3.

11 John ii. 22.

6. With zeal for the temple, gives himself out as the Messias.

7. With immense talents, awfully assisted by the devil—immense wealth, Dan. xi.—immoral, Dan. vii; and xi. unparalleled in deceit—deceiving even the elect.

8. His doctrine an apparent contradiction of no religion, yet a new religion. Comparison with French Revolution. 1. He denies the divinity of Christ. 2. Asserts that he is the Messias. 3. Worship of devils. 4. He is an atheist, 5. but begins by affecting respect for the law of Moses. 6. Lying miracles, false resurrection, mock ascension. 7. He has an attendant pontiff, so separating regal and prophetic office.

H. His kingdom.

1. Not hereditary—got by degrees, by fraud, talent, and iniquitous diplomacy.

2. It will begin at Babylon.*

8. It will extend in influence over the whole civilized world.

4. Jerusalem will be the metropolis.

5. When his empire is at its full, it will last only three years and a half.

HI. His persecution.

1. Unparalleled horror of it.t

2. In spiritual things—1. there will be hardly any mass, 2. but the worship of his image and the wearing his mark; 3. majority of

• Zach. v. 11. t Apoc. xx.


Christians will apostatize, 4. but the Church will not be destroyed.

3. Saints will be greater than ever—martyrs greater, as the first fought against men, the latter will fight against devils,* our Lady's Saints, vide Grignon de Montfort.

4. Enoch and Elias,t now confirmed in grace, and waiting—they will preach in sackcloth —for as long a time as Christ, i. e. three years and a half less nineteen days—their martyrdom—they will lie unburied.

5. Jesus kills him, and comes to the doom forty five days after; some say that St. Michael will kill him on Mount Olivet.

IV. Protestantism an anticipation of Antichrist. 1. Its attitude towards the Blessed Virgin

Mary, 2. the Mass, 8. the sign of the Cross.

4. All its sects unite against the Church.

5. Its carelessness about Baptism; sixth angel drying up Euphrates. 6. It blasphemes Saints.

V. The Five-and-Forfy Days.

1. Space for repentance. 2. Full of signs. 8. The Lord comes and the weary world is judged and burnt. Lessons.

1. The reign of Antichrist is to be the last temporal reign: so the Church's last enemy is to be a kingdom, the consummation of the wickedness of all kingdoms; how significant!

» Suarez in III. Tart. Disp. Ut. Sect 6. t Ecclus. xlviii.

2. "What part should we take in this persecution? Let us measure it by the boldness of our profession now—by our strictness with ourselves—by our selfdenial in charity for others—by our perseverance in the practices of penance—by the fervour and the frequency of our prayers—by the rigorousness of the examinations of our conscience. It is always to each of us the five-and-forty days: Christ will come—He will not tarry—let us have our loins girded and our lamps burning, that when the midnight cry is raised, and the Bridegroom cometh, we may go forward with holy awe to meet our Saviour and our Judge.

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