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Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

Of the imitation of Jesus Christ

by Thomas (à Kempis)




Of the contempt of worldly Vanities.

1. fiE that followeth me shall not walk "in darkness, but shall have the Light of12' "Life" These are the words of Christ; by which we are taught that it is only by a conformity to his Life and Spirit, that we can be truly enlightened, and delivered from all blindness of heart: let it, therefore, be the principal employment of our minds to meditate on the Life Of Christ.

•> B

2. The doctrine of Christ infinitely transcends all the doctrines of the holiest men; and those who have the Spirit of

Rev.ii. Christ, may find in it "hidden manna" But it happens that many, though they frequently hear His doctrine, feel no pleasure in it. He only can cordially receive and truly delight in the doctrine of Christ,

Rom.viii. who continually endeavours to acquire the Spirit and imitate the Life of Christ.

3. Of what benefit are thy most subtil disquisitions into the mystery of the Blessed Trinity, if thou art destitute of humility, and, therefore, a profaner of the Trinity? It is not profound speculations, but a holy life, that makes a man righteous and good, and dear to GOD. I had rather feel compunction, than be able to give the most accurate definition of it. If thy memory could retain the whole Bible, and the pre

i Cor. cepts of all the philosophers, what would

*U1'2' it profit thee, without Charity and the

Eccies. i.Grace of GOD? "Vanity of vanities!

"all is vanity /"—except only the love of

GOD, and an entire devotedness to His


4. That is the highest wisdom, which,

by the contempt of the world, presses us forward towards the Kingdom of Heaven. It is, therefore, vanity, to labour for perishing riches, and to place our confidence in their possession: vanity, to hunt after honours, and raise ourselves to an exalted station: vanity, to fulfil the lusts of the flesh, and indulge desires that begin and end in torment: vanity, to wish that life may be long, and to have no concern whether it be good: vanity, to mind only the present world, and not to look forward to that which is to come; to suffer our affections to hover over a state, in which all things pass away with the swiftness of thought, and not to raise them to that where true joy abideth for ever.

5. Frequently call to mind the observation of Solomon, that " the eye is

"satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled "with hearing;" and let it be thy continual endeavour to withdraw thy heart from the love of" the things that are seen" and to turn it wholly to " the things that are not seen:" for he who lives in subjection to the sensual desires of animal nature, defiles his spirit and loses the Grace of GOD.



Of Humility, with respect to intellectual attainments.

1. Every man naturally desires to increase in knowledge; but what doth knowledge profit, without the fear of the Lord? Better is the humble peasant, that serveth GOD, than the proud philosopher, who, Aug. destitute of the knowledge of himself, can lib. v. 4. describe the course of the planets. He that truly knows himself, becomes vile in his own eyes, and has no delight in the praise of i Cor. man. If I knew all that the world contains, *w'2- and had not Charity; what would it avail me in the sight of GOD, who will judge me according to my deeds?

2. Rest from an inordinate desire of Eccies. i. knowledge, for it is subject to much per17- plexity and delusion. Learned men are fond of the notice of the world, and desire to be accounted wise: but there are many things, the knowledge of which has no tendency to promote the recovery of our first Divine life; and it is, surely, a proof of folly, to devote ourselves wholly to that, with which our supreme good has no connexion. The soul is not to be satisfied with the multitude of words; but a holy life refresheth the mind, and a pure conscience is the foundation of a firm and im- ""•9 moveable confidence in GOD.

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