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The Diplomatic Background of the War

Charles Seymour

Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

Old tavern signs

by Fritz August Gottfried Endell


For a sign! as indeed man, with his singular imaginative faculties, can do little or nothing without signs.


The author's love of the subject is his only apology for his bold undertaking. First it was the filigree quality and the beauty of the delicate tracery of the wrought-iron signs in the picturesque villages of southern Germany that attracted his attention; then their deep symbolic significance exerted its influence more and more over his mind, and tempted him at last to follow their history back until he could discover its multifarious relations to the thought and feeling of earlier generations.

For the shaping of the English text the author is greatly indebted to his American friends Mr. D. S. Muzzey, Mr. Emil Heinrich Richter, and Mr. Carleton Noyes.


Old Dutch Signs Frontispiece

From a painting by Gerrit and Job Berkheyden

Zum Schiff, In Stuttgart Title-Page


The Cock, In Fleet Street, London 2

Adah And Eve 5

From an engraving by Hogarth

Elefant And Castle, London 7

From an old woodcut

Engel, In Murrhardt, Wurttemberg II Zum Goldnen Anker In Besigheim, Wurttemberg 20

Engel, In Winnenden, Wurttemberg 24

Zum Rad, In Ravensburg, Wurttemberg 37

Zum Wilden Mann, In Esslingen, Wurttemberg 38

Roman Tavern Sign From Isernia, Italy 43

Campana, And Canone D' Oro, In Borgo San Dalmazzo,

Italy 44

Lamm, In Erlenbach, Wurttemberg 48

Zum Ritter, In Degerloch, Wurttemberg 65

The Good Woman, Old English Sign 67

Hle Zum Klndli, In The Collection Of The Antiqua-
RIAN Society In Zurich 71

Adler, In Leonberg, Wurttemberg 76

Zum Rossle, In Bozen, Austria 83



" Und es ist vorteilhaft, den Genius

Bewirten: giebst du ihm ein Gastgeschenk,
So lasst er dir ein schoneres zuriick.

Die Stattc, die ein guter Mensch betrat,
1st eingeweiht. ..."


" To house a genius is a privilege;
How fine so e'er a gift thou givest him,
He leaves a finer one behind for thee.
The spot is hallowed where a good man treads."

Without a question, the first journey that ever mortals made on this round earth was the unwilling flight of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden out into an empty world. Many of us who condemn this world as a vale of tears would gladly make the return journey into Paradise, picturing in bright colors the road that our first parents trod in bitterness and woe. Happy in a Paradise in which all the beauties of the first creation were spread before their eyes, where no enemies

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