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On the clause 'and the Son' in regard to the Eastern Church and the Bonn conference, a letter

by Edward Bouverie Pusey


My Dearest Friend,

You wish me to state briefly my thoughts, as to the restoration of intercommunion with the Greek Church, and, as bearing on this, what I desiderate in the propositions adopted at the Bonn Conference, and how they could be modified, so that I could myself accept them.

This I do the more readily, because it was partly at my instance that you undertook that journey to Bonn, at much inconvenience, I believe, to yourself, and because I know that we are substantially of one mind on this subject, as on others.

I hope that I may do this less unsatisfactorily, if I embody in it, what I wrote, two years ago on this, the saddest of all our sad controversies. For it is, in the end, a controversy as to the Being of God, among those who really believe in God, who prize right and true belief in God above all things, who, each, doubt not that they have the right belief, and who do believe the same one with the other, if they could but look calmly at each other's mode of

n / B

speech. It would be a nappy employment of closing years of one's life here, in any degree to help our brethren in the Eastern Church to understand our Western language, and to induce some (especially our brethren in the United States) to pause in their eagerness to sacrifice our old expression of belief, under a mistaken idea that so they will promote unity.

1st. Plainly it is a duty to do what we can by way of explanation, which may any how tend to the healing of any of the breaches in the mystical Body of Christ. We know that we are all members of His great Family, although unhappily there is disunion among the members of that One Family. But the cause of this disunion does not lie with us. There is actually nothing on our side, to prevent any Greek Catholic from communicating with us, if the authorities of his own Church would permit it, nor are the members of the English Church in any way hindered from communicating in either a Greek or Roman Church, if the authorities of those Churches (or, in any case, of the latter) did not insist upon the renunciation of our Communion as a necessary condition thereto. I think that, if this had been attended to, some of those painful statements as to one aspect of the Greek Church, which we have heard of late, would perhaps have been spared. Those who made them, not knowing of the great work which the Russian Church has done of late years for the conversion of the heathen (far more than ourselves), have thought of the amount of the cultus of the B. V. among them. They have paralleled them with the Roman devotions, to which we have objected. But they have overlooked that, in regard to the Roman devotions, we stood on the defensive. Few probably would have thought it their business to question, what devotions were used in Spain or Italy. Our concern was, that they should not be forced upon us, as they would be, were our Bishops chosen for us by the Bishops of Rome. In the event of restored intercommunion with the East, there would be no interference with our self-government; and however we may and must deplore what is practically a system unknown to the Ancient Church, it is not our business to bring them back to their own earlier devotions, before they were interpolated by Peter Gnapheusa, the heretical Patriarch of Antioch. Love and prayer are our only offices towards them. What is aimed at, is no change in either, except as, through increased love and intercourse, God the Holy Ghost may work any. The only primary effect would be, that the Orientals would admit to Communion such of our people as might be in the East, away from all other means of Communion; and their members would be allowed by their authorities to communicate with us, if they should be in the West, or in India or any other country where God has spread us abroad and their Church is not. Slight as this is, it would end the schism.

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