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My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

One of Jackson's foot cavalry

by John H. Worsham


On the morning of Wednesday, April 24, 1861, several telegrams were received in Richmond announcing that the enemy were landing at Aquia Creek, the terminus of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac R. R. Our company and the Richmond Light Infantry Blues were ordered at once to that place. We marched to the R. F. & P. R. R. depot, then on Broad Street, corner of Eighth Street, where we embarked on cars for the seat of war, Aquia Creek. On reaching Fredericksburg, we were informed that the Yankees had made a demonstration at Aquia Creek, but did not land; and we received orders to stop there. F Company debarked, and marched to the courthouse and camped for the night. A load of straw was sent us, which we spread on the floor and benches, making a very good bed; and citizens invited us to their homes to supper. We went to bed that night in regular military order, had a camp guard, lights out by taps, etc. Some of the boys, during the day, had purchased whistles, tin horns, and other noisy things, and as soon as lights were put out, the fun commenced: One blew a horn, another in a distant part of the building answered on a whistle. This went on for a few minutes. When the officers commanded silence, no attention was paid to them. When the officers said to the sergeant, "Arrest those men," the sergeant would strike a light, and go where he thought the noise originated; but each man looked so innocent that he could not tell who it was. By this time, another would blow. Soon there were four sergeants, running here and there, trying to catch the delinquents. This was kept up until the perpetrators became tired, not one being detected.

In the morning we were supplied with breakfast by the citizens. We remained in the town, living in this manner several days. Then we marched to the Fair Grounds, where we found that the Blues had preceded us. Here we went regularly into camp, which was called Camp Mercer. Our company was assigned to the sheds of the horse department, the floors were covered with straw, and three men were assigned to a stall.

Camp duty began at once, guard mounting, policing, drills, etc., and dress parade every fair evening, most of the young ladies of the town coming out to witness it; and they seemed to enjoy it as much as we did their presence. The men formed messes, each consisting of about ten men, each employing a negro man as cook, and we got on nicely, as we thought. The regular rations were issued to us, but in order to become accustomed by degrees to eating them, we sent the cook or some member of the mess into town, to get such articles as the market afforded.

The following are the names of the members of F Company, who went to Fredericksburg:

Anderson, Archer.
Anderson, Junius H.
Anderson, Henry V.
Archer, William S.
Ayers, Edward W.
Barker, William C.
Baughman, Charles C.
Baughman, George C.
Baughman, Greer H.
Beers, Henry H.
Binford, James M.
Binford, Robert E.
Blunt, Ira W.
Bridges, Jr., David B.
Bridges, Richard M.
Broch, R. Alonzo.
Bullington, Henry N.
Cabell, J. Caskie.
Child, Jesse.

Chamberlain, J. Hampden.
Chapman, Isaac W.
Clarke, Maxwell T.
Clopton, Dr. John.

Cocke, Lorenzo G.
Cole, Addison C.
Cowardin, John L.
Craig, John A.
Danforth, Henry D.
Dill, Jr., Adolph.
Doggett, Francis W.
Ellerson, Jock H.
Ellett, Robert.
Etting, Samuel M.
Exall, Charles H.
Exall, William.
Field, William G.
Fontaine, R. Morris.
Gentry, John W.
Gibson, William T.
Gilliam, Robert H.
Gray, W. Granville.
Gray, Somerville.
Green, John W.
Green, Thomas R.
Harrison, Thomas R.
Harvie, William O.

Haynes, George A.
Henry, Dr. Patrick.
Hobson, Deane.
Hudgins, Malcolm L.
Hull, Irving.
Jenkins, William S.
Jones, David B.
Jones, Jr., Phillip B.
Jordan, Reuben J.
Kellogg, Timothy H.
Lindsay, Roswell S.

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