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The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Theory of Colours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Palmerín of England

by Francisco de Morais


31. Of what befelthe knight of Fortune going to England - - 242

32. Of what the knight of Fortune did after he left the cave of the Savage 248

33. How the knight of Fortune met Daliarte of the Dark Valley, and how

he lost his shield of the Palm - 256

34. How the knight of the Savage came to the court of England, and of what befel there - 265

35. How Daliarte healed Platir and the other knights, and he of Fortune took his leave - 277

36. How the knight of Fortune entered London, and of what passed between him and the knight of the Savage 290

37. Shewing who the dame was that brought the knight of Fortune to the court, and of what befel some

- knights who were in the English court - - - 307


Chap. Page

38. Of the cruel battle between these knights, and how it ended - 318

39. Of what Eutropa did after taking these knights, and how the knight of the Savage came to the castle - 328'

40. Of what befel the knight of Fortune after he was healed of the wounds which he received in London, when he did battle with the valiant knight

of the Savage - - -343

41. Of what befel him of Fortune after

he left Don Rosiram - -362


42. How prince Floraman, by counsel of these knights, departed for London

to visit the queen and Flerida - 367

43. How these personages departed for London, and of what Eutropa did 377

44. How Trineo, emperor of Allemaigne, came to the court of England, and

of the feasts which were held there 388

45. How Argolante arrived at the court
of Constantinople, and delivered his
embassage - - 393

Chip. Page

46'. Of the famous tourney which was held by those knights - - 402

47. How the three knights who came to the tourney were known, and how it was known whose sons Palmerin and his brother were - - 410

48. How it was known who Blandidon, Pompides, and Daliarte were, and how the emperor and the kings left the court - - - 421

49. How these personages came to the castle of the giant Dramuziando, and of what happened there - 427

50. How after the jousts were ended they all went into the castle, and of what they did there - - 440

51. Of what befel the knight who jousted on the bridge, and now called himself the Tristful Knight, with Primaleon 447

52. Of what befel Primaleon with Paudricia, and how he came to Constantinople, where news came that the feet

of the soldan of Babylon was scattered 45 7





After that Don Duardos, son to the aged Fadrique king of England, had finished his long desired marriage with Flerida, daughter to the renowned Palmerin de Oliva, emperor of Constantinople, (not only to his own good liking but also to the content of his friends and familiars) he took his voyage from the empire of Greece (as it is at large mentioi,eJ in the book entitled Primaleon of Greece) toward the realm of England, accompanied with the princess Flerida, his espoused lady, beside a train meet to attend on so puissant a person. Being arrived at the English court, to the no little joy of the knight's father, and great delight to his kinsfolk and friends, they were welcomed as beseemed their royal estates, and joyfully received to their hearts' content. It chanced in short space after, the princess Flerida waxed great with child; a thing of no small comfort to the aged king, nor of little pleasure to the young prince.

Now is the tediousness of their travail, the wearisome labour of their long journey,clean cast out of remembrance as of no account, and the joyful prince Don Duardos, (being still as dearly enamoured of her as he had been in those days when he called himself Julian*) deviseth each dainty delight, and

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