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The Worm Ouroboros

E. R. Eddison

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

The Characters of Theophrastus


Patty's fortune

by Carolyn Wells


"A very little," said Patty, shaking her head. "You see it lacks the thrill of a real out-andout elopement, because people know about it. An elopement, to be any good, must be a secret. If ever I get married, I'm going to elope, that's one thing certain!"

"Why, Patty, how unlike you! I thought you'd want a flubdub wedding with forty-'leven bridesmaids and all the rest of it."

"Oh, I s'pect I shall when the time comes. I often change my mind, you know."

"You bet you do! You change it oftener than you make it up!"

"Why, I couldn't "began Patty, and just

then they reached the taxicab rank, and Bill put Patty into a car.

They went to the Waldorf, where they were to meet the Kenerleys, and found that Jim and Adele had just arrived.

"What a perfect scheme!" exclaimed Adele, as soon as greetings had been exchanged. "Who all are going?"

"Let us go to luncheon," said Bill, " and then we can thrash out things. I reserved a table— ah, here we are," as the head waiter recognised the big Westerner.

"I love to go round with Bill," said Patty, "he always has everything ready, and no fuss about it."

"He sure does," said Jim Kenerley, in hearty appreciation. "But the way he scoots across the country and back, every other day or two, keeps him in trim. He lives on the jump."

"I do," agreed Farnsworth. "But some day I hope to arrange .matters so I can stay in the same place twice running."

Laughing at this sally, they took their places at the table, which Bill's foresight had caused to be decorated with a low mound of white asters and maidenhair fern.

"How pretty! " cried Patty. "I hate a tall decoration,—this is just right to talk over. Now, let's talk."

And talk they did.

"I just flew off," Patty declared, as she told

Adele about it. "Nan's going to pack a trunk

and send it, when she knows we're truly

there. I think she feared the plan would fizzle


"Indeed it won't," Bill assured them. "We've got the nucleus of our party here, and if we can't get any more, we can go it alone." But it was by no means difficult to get the others. Some few whom they asked were out of town, but they responded to long distance calls, and most of them accepted the unusual invitation.

Farnsworth had a table telephone brought, and as fast as they could ring them up, they asked their guests.

The two Farringtons were glad to go; Marie Homer and Kit Cameron jumped at the chance. Mona and Daisy, with Chick Charming, would come up from the shore the next day, and that made eleven.

"Van Reypen?" asked Kenerley, as they sought for some one to fill out the dozen. "Up to Patty," said Bill, glancing at her. "No," and Patty shook her golden head, slowly; "no, don't let's ask Phil this time,"

"Why not? " said Adele in astonishment. "I thought you liked him."

"I do; Phil's a dear. But I just don't want him on this picnic. Besides, he's probably out of town. And likely he wouldn't care to go."

"Reasons enough," said Farnsworth, briefly. "Cross off Van Reypen. Now, who for our last man?"

"Peyton," said Jim. "Bob Peyton would love to go, and he's a good all-'round chap. How's that, Bill?"

"All right, Patty?" and Bill looked inquiringly at her.

"Yes, indeed. Mr. Peyton's a jolly man. Do you think he'd go, Adele?"

"Like a shot! " Kenerley replied, for his wife. "Bob's rather gone on Patty, if you know what I mean."

"Who isn't gone on Patty? " returned Farnsworth. "Well, that's a round dozen. Enough!"

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