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Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Summers readers, first reader

by Maud Summers


his coat?
Is the sun stronger than the wind?



One day Mother Tree said

to the leaf-buds,

"Winter will soon be here.

I have made you warm winter coats. Mother Tree put a coat around

every leaf-bud.

"Sunshine will keep you warm,"

she said.

"So I have put some sunshine

in every coat." Soon all the leaf-buds went to sleep

for the winter. Then Mother Tree said to the little

green leaves,

"Now your work is over.

Take off your green dresses.

Jack Frost will be here to-night.

He will give you bright red

and yellow dresses."


In the morning Mother Tree said,
"Waken, dear leaves.

It is time to get up.

See! Here are red and yellow

dresses for you.

Now you may fly away to play

in the brown fields." Just then North Wind passed by. He saw the leaves hang trembling

on Mother Tree. "Come!" said North Wind.

"Come with me." "Goodby, dear Mother Tree,"

said the leaves as they flew away. Over the brown fields they went

with North Wind. All day they danced and sang

in the brown fields. When night came they went to sleep. Soon they were covered with the soft

white snow.


Once there was a little pine tree.
It had long green needles.
"I wish I had leaves,"

said the pine tree.

"I do not like needles.

I should like leaves of gold."
By and by night came.
The little pine tree went to sleep.


In the morning the pine tree

had leaves of gold. "How happy I am!" said the pine tree.

"See what pretty leaves I have!" Soon a man came into the woods. He put all the gold leaves into a bag. Then the poor tree had no leaves.

"Oh! What shall I do?"

said the tree.

"I do not like gold leaves


I wish I had leaves of glass."
Again it was night.
The little pine tree went to sleep.


In the morning the tree had leaves

of glass.
"Now I am happy," said the pine tree.
Just then the wind blew the tree.
It blew all the leaves off the tree.
They fell down and were broken.
"Oh! My pretty glass leaves,"

said the poor tree.
"See! They are all broken.

I do not like leaves of glass.

I wish I had green leaves."
Again night came.
The little pine tree went to sleep.

In the morning the tree had pretty

green leaves. "I am happy now," said the pine tree.

"I have green leaves like the other

trees." By and by a little goat came

into the woods. Soon the goat ate all the leaves

off the tree. Poor little pine tree! Again it had no leaves. "I wish I had my long green needles,"

said the tree.

"How happy I should be

with needles!" Night came. Again the pine tree went to sleep. In the morning it had long green

The pine tree was very happy.
Two little birds flew into the tree.
They made a nest in the long green

"I will never wish for leaves again,"

said the pine tree.

"A man took my gold leaves.

The wind broke my glass leaves.

A goat ate my green leaves.

Needles are best for a little pine tree."



A little ant fell into the water.

"Oh, help! Help!" said the ant.

A dove was in a tree near by.

She dropped a leaf into the water.

"Here, little ant, is a leaf.

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