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Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

The Characters of Theophrastus


The Gospel banner

by Unknown


The Premier would have us infer from his speech, Mr. Gladstone and Bradlaughism first, God and conscience after; and bow Mr. G. can join in such a prayer as,' From all sedition, privy conspiracy, and rebellion; from all false doctrine, heresy, and schism; from hardness of heart, and contempt of thy Word and Commandment,' and repeat, 'Good Lord, deliver us,' while at the same time he fosters such men as Mr. Bradlaugh, is a mystery we do not desire to solve.

We cordially agree with Mr. H. on page 6: 'It would be far less insulting to the Almighty to boldly do away with oaths and affirmation, and everything of the kind, and to take in the sort of materials sent in from the constituencies without further examination, than to pass a Bill putting the affirmation of the avowed atheist on the same footing as the oath of the man who swears by God.'

The point of Mr. Gladstone's sword is ably turned on page 9, where Mr. Hazlerigg says, 'Now here we entirely differ from him;' for plainly pointing to where the real outrage arose, he thrusts his adversary in a vulnerable place. We say if this nation is to be led by intellectual gods, and sense and reason to be the throne from which judgment is given, can we expect any other result than that of ancient Athens, when almost at the zenith of her ambition she suddenly collapsed to rise no more? We humbly hope this country will continue successfully to oppose the intrusions of such men as Mr. Bradlaugh, who would not only do away with the authority of the word of God, bufthe rights and privileges so dearly purchased by our forefathers.

For strengthening the hands of those who would conscientiously oppose the Bill, and also remove the obstacles in the way of others who are of a doubtful mind, the remarks of Mr. Hazlerigg were doubtless sent out. The pamphlet is within the reach of any who care for the welfare of the nation, the cost being only one penny; therefore we say to all our readers, buy one for yourselves, and, if able, spread it abroad, and thus furnish others with an answer to the eloquent and subtle advocator of the obnoxious Bill.


'Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, 0 Lord, in the light of thy countenance.'Psalm Ixxxix. 15.

A good man, of the last century, says, and with great truth, 'The strongest believer of us all is like a glass without a foot, which cannot stand one moment longer than it is held/ And our Lord had a similar view of the matter, when he declared, that he holds all his sheep in his hand: as much as to say, Were I to leave you for an instant, down you would fall; therefore I hold you fast, and none shall pluck you out of my hand.

O how comfortable is it, when the Lord makes these truths known, by his Spirit, to the heart! How blessed are the people that thus know the joyful sound! who can see that God has loved them in his Son; who can feel that Christ died for them, to be their everlasting peace; who are satisfied that their peace is not now to. make, but was completely made and sealed, by the precious blood of his cross, ages and ages before they drew their breath; who are sweetly assured that the Holy Spirit, who has begun to shew tbem the great things of Christ, will go on more clearly to shew them that he will never leave them nor forsake them, in life, in death, nor even at their journey's end! This is that joyful sound, which God enables his people to know. And what is the consequence of knowing it?

'Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound.' Wherefore are they blessed, or happy? And in what does their blessedness consist ?' They shall walk, O Lord, in the light of thy countenance.' As much as to say, We need but know what it is to be loved, chosen, redeemed, and sanctified from among men, and then that knowledge will cause us to walk upon our" high places, and to triumph in the name of the Lord our God. We shall bask in the smile, we shall enjoy the sunshine of God's countenance upon our souls.

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