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Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church

by Frederick Edward Warren


Catalogue, i. 132. Greith, C. J., Geschichte der altirischen Kirche: Breisgau, 1867. Haddan, A. W„ Remains of: edited by A. P. Forbes, Bishop of Brechin,

Oxford, 1876.

H. and S. = Haddan, A. W., and Stubbs, W., Councils and Ecclesiastical Docu-
ments of Great Britain and Ireland: Oxford, 1869.
Hardy, T. Duffus: see Descriptive Catalogue.
Hibernensis Sinodus: see Wasserschleben.

Howel Dda, Welsh laws of, A. D. 928. Earliest MS. authority twelfth and thirteenth century. Printed in H. and S. i. 211-285.

Hiibner, ^Smilius, Inscriptiones Britanniae Christianae: Berolini, MDCCCLXXVI.

Jonae Vita S. Columbani. Jonas, a native of Susa in Piedmont, wrote (c. A.d. 624) by order of Attala and Eustace, successors of Columbanus, the former at Bobbio, the latter at Luxeuil. Several MSS. of this Life exist on the continent, none of them probably earlier than a ninth-century copy which was sold in London at M. Liber's sale, March 9, 1858 (Catal. No. 269, p. 63). It is printed in Fleming's Collectanea, ii. 214-243. Bolls Series, Descriptive Catalogue, i. 212.

Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, Publications of the: Dublin University Press, from 1855. Volumes from 1840-1855 were published by two separate 'Archaeological and 'Celtic' Societies which amalgamated in the latter year.

Keller, F., Bilder und Schriftzuge in den irischen Manuscripten, in Mittheilungen des antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zurich, vol. vii. p. 61.

Leabhar Breac, or Lebar Brecc: The Speckled Book, otherwise called Leabhar Mor Duna, The Great Book of Dun Doighre; a large fol. vellum volume in the Boyal Irish Academy, Dublin, containing a collection of pieces in Irish and Latin, compiled from ancient sources about the end of the fourteenth century. Published in facsimile from the original MS., Dublin, 1876.

Liber Davidis: MS. Cod. Paris. 3182, saec. xi; printed in H. and S. i. 118.

Liber Hymnorum, or' Book of Hymns,' a MS. Irish collection of hymns and collects. See page 194. A second MS. copy belongs to S. Isidore's College at Bome.

Liber Kilkenniensis: a fourteenth-century MS. containing lives of Irish

Saints; Marsh's Library, Dublin. It is described at length by Dr. Beeves in

the Proceedings of the Boyal Irish Academy, Second Series, vol. i. Liber Landavensis: a tenth-century MS. containing lives of Welsh Saints, &c.

(see Bees' Preface), written during the episcopate of Bishop Urban,

1107-34; published by L. J. Bees, Llandovery, 1840. Mart. = Martene, Edm., De Antiquis Ecclesiae Bitibus: Bassani, Mdcclxxxviii. Martyrology of Christ Church, Dublin: a fifteenth-century MS. in Trinity

College, Dublin, published, together with the Book of Obits, by the Irish

Archaeological Society, Dublin, 1844. Martyrology of Donegal: compiled in the Franciscan Convent of Donegal by

Michael O'Clery, and finished on April 19, 1630; published by Irish

Archaeological and Celtic Society, Dublin, 1863. Martyrology of Oengus = Felire of Oengus, q. v.

Martyrology of Tallaght. Traditionally said to have been compiled at the end of the ni nth century by St. Maelruain and St. Oengus, but certainly as late as the tenth century; imperfectly edited by M. Kelly, Dublin, 1857, from an early seventeenth-century MS. copy in the Burgundian library at Brussels.

Missale de Arbuthnott (fifteenth century, Scottish) : edited by A. P. Forbes:

Burntisland, 1864.
Missale Drummondense (Irish MS., eleventh century). See p. 269.
Missale Gallicanum: Pitsligo Press edition; Burntisland, 1855.
Missale Gothicum : Pitsligo Press edition; Burntisland, 1855.
Missale Mozarabicum: Migne, Patrol. Curs. Lat„ vol. lxxxv.
Missale Bichenovense (Gallican): Burntisland, 1855.
Missale Bomanum: Mechliniae, 1870.

Missale Bosslynianum: Irish MS., fourteenth century. See p. 269.
Missale Sarisburiense: Burntisland, 1861.
Missale Stowense. See p. 198.

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