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Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

Vanity Fair

William Thackery

Tracts for the times

by John Henry Newman


If the Papists shall show any ground of Scripture, and wrest it to their sense, let it be showed by the interpretation of the Old Doctors, such as were before Gregory I. But if they can show no Doctor that agreed with them in their said opinion before that time, then to conclude that they have no succession in that doctrine from the time of the Apostles, and above four hundred years after (when doctrine and religion were most pure), for that they can show no predecessor whom they might succeed in the same.—Rules given to the Bishops ;—vide Strype's Whitgift, p. 98.

Bilson, Bibhop.On Subjection and Rebellion.

Phi. What one point of our religion is not Catholic?

Theo. No one point of that, which this realm hath refused, is truly Catholic. Your having and adoring of images in the Church: your public service in a tongue not understood of the people: your gazing on the Priest while he alone eateth and drinketh at the Lord's table: your barring the people from the Lord's cup: your sacrificing the Son of God to His Father for the sins of the world: your adoring the elements of bread and wine with Divine honour instead of Christ: your seven sacraments: your shrift: your releasing souls out of Purgatory by prayers and pardons : your compelling Priests to live single : your meritorious vowing and performing pilgrimages: your invocation of Saints departed: your rules of perfection for Monks and Friars: your relying on the Pope as head of the Church, and Vicar General unto Christ: these, with infinite other superstitions in action, and errors in doctrine, we deny to have any foundation in the Scriptures, or confirmation in the general consent or use of the Catholic Church.

Phi. We stick not on your words, which you utter to your most advantage: but be not these things as we defend them, and you reject them, Catholic?

Theo. Nothing less.

Phi. What count you Catholic 1

Theo. You were best define that: it toucheth you nearest.

Phi. I mean Catholic, as Vincentius doth, that wrote more than one thousand one hundred years ago.

Theo. So do I. And in that sense no point of your Religion, which this realm hath refused, is Catholic.

Phi. All.

Theo. None.

Phi. These are but brag.

Theo. Indeed they are so. Nothing is more common in your mouths than Catholic ; and in your Faith nothing less. Phi. Who proveth that?

Theo. Yourselves; who, after you have made great stir for Catholic, Catholic, and all Catholic, when you come to issue, you return it with a non est inventus.

Phi. Will you lie a little?

Theo. I might use that sometimes, which is so often with you : but in this I do not. Phi. I say you do.

Theo. That will appear, if you take any of those points which I have rehearsed. Phi. Which you will?

Theo. Nay, the choice shall be yours, because the proof must be yours.

Phi. Take them as they lie. Having and worshipping of images in the Church, is it not Catholic? Theo. It is not.

Phi. Eight hundred years ago the General Council of Nice, the second, decreed it lawful, and ever since it hath been used.

Theo. Catholic should have four conditions by Vincentius' rule, and this hath not one of them. There can nothing be Catholic, unless it be confirmed two ways: first by the authority of God's law, and next by the tradition of the Catholic Church, not that the Canon of Scripture is not perfect and sufficient enough for all points of Faith, but because many men draw and stretch the Scriptures to their fancies, therefore it is very needful that the line of the Prophetical and Apostolical interpretation should be directed by the rule of the Ecclesiastical and Catholic sense. Now in the Catholic Church herself we must take heed we hold that which hath been believed at all times, in all places, of all persons, for that is truly and properly Catholic.

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