How Converted books are delivered

When you register an account to convert your own epubs, there are three delivery options available; these may be changed in your profile settings at any time.

The options are: delivery to the online RetroRead library, delivery to your email address, or delivery directly to your Kindle.

If the title is delivered to the online library only, you will need to download it from this site. (You'll receive a notification email when this is done, with a link to the download.) You may download either to your desktop, where the file can be transferred to your Kindle using the USB connector, or read on your desktop reader. You may also use the Kindle browser to download from, where a simplified, "Kindle browser friendly" experience is presented when you access this site from your Kindle.

Likewise, if the title is emailed to you as an attachment, you may transfer it, forward it to your Kindle's email address, or read on your desktop.

Perhaps the most convenient way to receive your converted ebooks however is to have them emailed directly to your Kindle. If you (optionally) wish to receive converted ebooks this way, you must provide additional information about your Kindle in your profile. Note however this results in a $0.15 per megabyte charge to your Amazon account (an ebook is usually one or two megabytes; the file size of the downloaded epub is rougly equivalent to the converted ebook file size).

Each Kindle has its own email address at "". It is the name of your Kindle which you give at when you register your device with Amazon, e. g.,

Emailing ebooks directly to your Kindle (by sending mail to your Kindle's "email address") is the most efficient way to receive your converted ebooks once you have uploaded them to; this way, they are transferred wirelessly using Amazon's Whispernet™ network, just like downloads you purchase at the Amazon store.

In order to prevent unauthorized email being sent to your Kindle (i. e., spam), Amazon requires that you configure "approved senders" in the "Manage My Kindle" section of their site. Only mail from an "approved sender" will be delivered to your Kindle.

In order to access the "Manage My Kindle" page, you must first log in to Amazon using the same login address that belongs to the Amazon account that is associated with your Kindle (your Amazon login).

From the home page, you can navigate to the Kindle store by select Kindle -> Kindle Store from the left hand navigation menu. At the Kindle store page, there is a "Manage My Kindle" link in the navigation bar across the top of the page, immediately under the search area. (If you haven't logged in already, you will be prompted to at this point before continuing.)

You will see this section, which shows you what your Kindle's name and email address will be. You may change it to anything you like (provided someone else hasn't grabbed the name first).

In the section, "Your Kindle Approved E-mail List," you may add email addresses which are authorized to send email to your Kindle. Typically, this would include your regular email address, so you can send files to your Kindle; however, you may enter additional email addresses. For purposes of forwarding your RetroRead editions, you may use any valid email address. Just be sure the email address that you configure on the Amazon site is the same one you register here.

If you do not have an approved email address configured with your RetroRead account as the "whitelisted" email address, you will not be able to receive any converted books.

Note that your Kindle email address in not necessarily the same as your Kindle Device Name. Your Kindle Device Name allows spaces and other special characters, while your email address does not. Make sure you enter your Kindle email address as the delivery target when "Send to my Kindle" is enabled. You can view or reset this in the "Register Kindle" section of the "Manage My Kindle" page on

Your Kindle email address, approved sender email address, and notification email address, will never be used except for uses you authorize and will not be shared with others. (See Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.)

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